Interiors.Painting and Photographie: Nouria Khadeeva, Bernd Krueerke, Dave Land, E.C. Tergreve

Krueerke. St. Marien
Krueerke: Grabst. St. Marien- Stralsund













Kunstgalerie Berlin
Kunstgalerie Berlin ++ Exhibition of Fine Art

Frank Koci, Peter Z. Malkin


Frank Koci- Peter Z. Malkin

Face to Face

Exposition: 10.11.2011 - 27.01.2012






Kunstgalerie Berlin
Kunstgalerie Berlin ++ Exhibition of Fine Art

Sargam Griffin from San Francisco 19 August-01November 2011



Kunstgalerie Berlin
Kunstgalerie Berlin ++ Exhibition of Fine Art

The Originally- Exhibition from 8.4.-17.6.2011


 Nude Painting and Graphic

Artists; Nouria Khadeeva,Gunter Geiss, Nizara Sabovic, Ewals Christian Tergreve

Kunstgalerie Berlin
Kunstgalerie Berlin ++ Exhibition of Fine Art
Nouria Khadeeva: Autumn
Nouria Khadeeva: To Stream

Rüdiger Gau: Ausstellung:24.06-12.08-2011

Rüdiger Gau: Odysseus
Rüdiger Gau: Tornado

 Rüdiger Gau: SYNONYMA-Painting and Fotography




Kunstgalerie Berlin
Kunstgalerie Berlin ++ Exhibition of Fine Art

Karl Heinz Koch-Stöber: Exposition from 28.01. - 01. 04. 2011

KH Koch-Stöber: In memoriam to my friend A.v.Spzinger
KH Koch-Stöber: Iris Dei


Music in the Painting

Karl Heinz Koch-Stöber in memory






Christmas Exhibition from 03.12.2010 to 21.01. 2011

E. C. Tergreve. Yachtclub 1
E. C. Tergreve: Yachclub 2
Sargam Griffin: Passione
Sargam Griffin: The Economy


Skulptures from Chipo Musandi and Wilhelm Senoner

Paintings from Rüdiger Gau, Ewald Christian Tergreve, Sargam Griffin




Kunstgalerie Berlin
Kunstgalerie Berlin ++ Exhibition of Fine Art

Dave Land: Exhibition 22.10 - 25.11. 2010




Dave Land- ValmyImages: Halls and Walls, Rust and Dust

Ausstellung vom 22.10 - 25 11. 2010

Dave Land: Stage in Grabowsee
Dave Land: Beelitz, Lecture hall
Dave Land: Arche
Dave Land Mirror-Mirror
Dave Land: Vockerode.Power station
Dave Land:Laboratory




Kunstgalerie Berlin
Kunstgalerie Berlin ++ Exhibition of Fine Art




Elke Maes- Exhibition 04.08. - 12.09.2010

Ewald Christian Tergreve Exhibition in Paris 03.05. -27.06. 2010


Ewald Christian Tergreve- Painter of expressionism - Peintre de l'expressionnisme tardif


Exposition: 02.05. -27.06. 2010  Paintings in the church german in Paris "Christuskirche" and Graphic arts in Berlin

Ewald C. Tergreve: Impression of Paris, 1952,




Kunstgalerie Berlin
Kunstgalerie Berlin ++ Exhibition of Fine Art
Gunda Jakoby:


  Gunda Jakoby:  Landscape and Stons

Exhibition 05.03. - 21.04.2010





Kunstgalerie Berlin
Kunstgalerie Berlin ++ Exhibition of Fine Art

Magic of colours Exhibition 22.12. 09 - 17.02. 10

Magic of the Colour

Exhabition from 22.12.09 - 12.02.10

Presentation of paintings of the artists: Stas Belopolskiy, Nouria Khadeeva, Kedron Barrett, E.C. Tergreve, Karl Heinz Koch-Stöber, Dhania Dampfhofer

Stas Belopowskiy: Ins Licht
Stas Belopowskiy: Die Brücke
Kedron Barrett: Veteran
Kedron Barrett: Skid
Koch-Stöber . Paganini. Caprice
Nouria Khadeeva: Dämmerstunde

08.11.-17.12.09 The Wall- The Fall Rüdiger Gau and Hans Hochha



The Wall The Fall  

Painting and Photographie.

Exhibition from 08.11.09 - 17.12.09

Rüdiger Gau: The fall of the wall





Ewald Christian Tergreve- A late Expressionist Painter and   Graphic Artist

Exhibition of the Fine Art- 05. Juni bis 31. Oktober 2009 in the


                     Galerie Am Rathaus

Continuation of the Exhibition: E.C.Tergreve and Wilhelm Senoner: Skulpturs and Painting Nov.15 to March 15, 2010 in The Protestantic  Church Centre in Berlin-Buch

E.C. Tergreve Selbstbildnis, 1965, Pulverfarbe auf Pappe, 97 x 71 cm

Regine Seidemann: in Movement from 03.04 -28.05. 09



Regine Seidemann- Artist from Dresden: " Movement"

Exhibition 03.04 - 28.05. 2009




Rüdiger Gau- Architect and Painter

Exhibition: 14. 02. - 31. 03. 2009

Kunstgalerie Berlin
Kunstgalerie Berlin ++ Exhibition of Fine Art

Rüdiger Gau: Dekonstruktion Exhibition -14.02-31.03.09

Rüdiger Gau- Dekonstruktion-

With words and Colours- Peter Z. Malkin-07.11.08-30.01.09






Peter Z. Malkin

"With words and colors, we meet our memories"


vom 07. 11. 2008 - 30. 01. 2009

Peter Z. Malkin (1927- 2005) . born in British Palestine, he spent his early childhood in Zölkiewka, Poland. In 1936, his family returned to Palestine to escape the rising tide of antisemitism; his sister, Fruma, and her three children who remained behind with 150 other relatives, died in the Nazi Holocaust.

At the age of 12, Malkin was recruited into the Haganah, the Palestine Jewish underground. Later, he was invited to join the new Jewish state's fledgling security service as an explosives expert-on his application, he wrotw; "I like adventure"- and using his skills as a master of martial arts and disguises, ros  throuhg the ranks. The shadow of the Holöcaust never left Malkin's family, but the chance to avenge the tragic deaths of his relatives came in 1960. As a memberr of an elite commando team, Malkin was the man who physically captured an guarded Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann in Buenos Aires.

Working as an agent, mostly at night, left Malki free to study art in Vienna and visit the great museums of the world. Painting servedas his cover, and as an escape from a demanding profession where survival depended on "hard work and brains"

Since hid retirement, Malkin has devoted his time to painting, writing, lecturing and consulting on international anti-terrorism methods.


Magic of the light- Dhanya Dampfhofer- 18.07 - 05.09.08


Dhanya Dampfhofer- Painter and Viennese


                   Exhibition: 18. 07. - 05. 09. 08



Objects and Paintings of Hans Hochhaus 09.09.-04 11.08

Tomoko Kato Artist from Japan

Folding Art

Karl Heinz Koch-Stöber: Music in the painting 03.10 - 20.11.07


 Karl Heinz Koch-Stöber- Musician and Painter

  Exhibition: 03 10. 07 -20. 11. 07


Hornsonate von Ludwig van Beethoven
Hummelflug, R. Korsakow
Gefühle nach dem Sturm, Beethoven, Sinf. VI
Rauschender Bach
Deis irae- Verdi: Requiem
Caprice E-Dur, Paganini

Slulptor and Painter from Tirol day-to-day


Wilhelm Senoner- Bildhauer und Maler

     Ausstellung : 21. 11. 07 - 31. 03. 08

Wilhelm Senoner Susanna, yellow, wood of lime.60 cm on socle
Wilhelm Senoner: The man with cigar, red, wood of lime, 60 cm on socle
Wilhelm Senoner: Lea. withe, wood of lime, 60cm on socle

Tomoko Kato- Artist from Japan: folding art 10.04. 23.05.08




Tomoko Kato:

The fine art from Japan

10.04. to 23. 05.08 in The Gallery of fine art (Galerie Am Rathaus


The "folding art" of Tomoko Kato are objects of art Kunstobjekte unique, imaginative.

Diese kleinformatigen Kunstwerke zeigen in Bildersprache eine eigene Welt der Poesie.

Wenn Sie mehr erfahren wollen, klicken Sie auf Tomoko

Franciskus Skvirblys: Artist and Master of the wood cut



Franciskus Skvirblys: Master of the Woodcut 

Holzschnitt, koloriert,"Eingeschlossen
Rathaus Berlin-Schöneberg